"Jim, you helped much more than I can legally express without proposing, brother.   It took courage and trust to do the things we asked of you.  You were fearless!"  

                                          -Bryan Kruse


"Nice job!  You have a look that is difficult to find and an understated acting technique...highly desirable.  You know how to "cheat" for camera, listen and follow direction...well done!"  

                                         -Susan Gulcher

Music Video:

"It was a pleasure meeting you and watching you work today.  Excellent job and I know it will make the final product fantastic."

                             -Scott Artis, Facing Fire

 4 films starring Gloyd, due for release in 2019,  The Wager coming in 2020.

The 2 latest  premieres... "Aftermath" & "Fate of the Furious," I worked 5 days on. The action on set of Fate of the Furious was awesome.  Had a great time on set with Arnold working on  "Aftermath."   Look for me in the role of lead detective Ed Bundy in "Gene Pool" and "Cadia: The World Within" being released in 2019, and "Programmed" and "The Wager" to be released in 2020.

New release: 16k views in just 24 hours!  Facing Fire's new music video "Dying Inside" starring Jim Gloyd

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